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   Hundreds of stockbreeders testify :

"Thanks to the sound and the image of our camera Camo System, it’s our eye which moves in our cowsheds. Whether it acts of the whole of the livestock or an animal in particular, in all circumstances, constantly and in all seasons, we see, hear, judge and intervene."

With Camo System, without going to the cattle shed, you can supervise 24 hours a day now :
  Surveillance the whole of your livestock Détection descent of uterus
  Surveillance a calving preparation Détection a delivery
  Surveillance a detached animal Détection A milk fever
  Surveillance a calf adoption Détection a difficult or unexpected calving
  Surveillance a sick animal Détection Colics and rut

Camo System = technology for your comfort and your facility

Our best reference is our imposing address book where since nearly 40 years, the Camo installations are powerful as well in Belgium, France as in Luxembourg and Germany.
Our references are available on request.


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Some of our customers in France

Some of our customers in France

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