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   Quality and evolutionary installations.

See and hear your animals from your armchair.
Camo System supervises with precision, 24 hours a day, all the animals, without disturbing them, you to disturb.

Voir et entendre See and hear

All our cameras being equipped with microphone, we transmit simultaneously the image and the sound. This technology makes it possible the stockbreeder to be perfectly in its livestock, to locate and identify easily the various noises. The stockbreeder has really the impression to be present in his cattle shed.

Nos produits Our products

Our products are robust and reliable and require very little maintenance: all the metal parts are galvanized and painted, the articulations are on hermetic ball bearing, the cases also tight and are heated. The installation of the various systems carried out by our care is fast and could be adapted according to the evolution of the customer requirements. With the choice of the stockbreeder, the reception of the images and sound are done on one or more television sets with the received programs. System Internet also allows a visualization on Computerscreen and cellularphone.

Types d'installation Types of installation

Four types of installation are proposed and perfectly evolutionary :

  • Fixed color installation makes it possible to supervise a room without being able to make connections (zoom) of images.
  • Optical color zoom 24 times installation, rotation on 380° in 20 seconds, no dead angle, oscillation 90°, makes it possible to perfectly supervise stablings of several boxes and to make connection of identification. This installation can also be motorized on a rail.
  • Internet System installation used when the connection cattle shed/house cannot be done is by cable or antenna (ex: cattle shed established in a village other than that of the residence of the stockbreeder) makes it possible to monitor a room with the same advantages as the two preceding systems.
  • Antennas System installation used when the connection cattle shed house cannot be done by cable (ex: cattle shed established in a village other than that of the residence of the stockbreeder with visibility of the transmitting antenna by the reception antenna). This system presents the same functionalities as a traditional installation. His characteristic is that the antennas replace the coaxial cable (image and its).
  • Motorisation sur rail Motorization on rail

    Equipped with a compact engine, the installation on rail includes his own food 24 volts, his turntable of orders and his race ends. This extremely powerful system is able to climb denivellements reaching 45° and to follow curves of 45° to 270°. The length of the way of the bearing (rail) is not limited and the motorization moves at the speed of + 35 meters per minute. This motorization can indifferently receive all our types of cameras thanks to its system of fast fixing. With the liking of the needs for the stockbreeder, this one can easily move the installation of a room to another.

    Chemin de roulement Track of movement

    With nearly 40 years of experiment, our material, manufactured by our care, show an incomparable performance and is the strong point of the Camo mark.

    The track is composed of :

  • rail : great resistance galvanized (proceeded zinner allowing the demounting of the larger quantity of zinc guaranteeing best held in alkaline medium), single section a height of 50mm, a width of 45mm and a thickness of 2mm. The round interior lips in partnership with the specific profile of the casters ensure the automatic ejection of waste of straw taken in the rail.
  • suspensions and connections : the hangs and fixing accessories are manufactured in our workshops and fixed at the rail without any point of boring. All the parts which compose them are coated with zinc.
  • casters : conceived and manufactured by our care are gone up on hermetic ball bearing and are made up of 2 nylon flasks in order to limit the noise and to eliminate any problem of oxidation. The profile is especially studied to eject during their displacement all the refuses taken in the rail.
  • cables : the 220 volts electric cable is flexible and out of rubber so as to marry perfectly all the denivellements and length of rail. The cable intended for the sound and the image is of coaxial type in order to ensure a very high quality of reception. This one is also equipped with a very strong mechanical resistance.
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